Ice Dams And Roof Repairs In Winter: Why Prevention Is A Better Idea

Posted on: 15 November 2017
Ice dams are the direct result of bizarre weather in winter. First you get a major blizzard, then you get fifty-degree days that melt the snow. Then everything freezes up again and gets stuck in the eaves troughs and becomes a massive chunk of ice. While fascinating and pretty to see, these ice dams wreak havoc on your roof. You may even be faced with roof repair in the middle of winter.
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Is There A Blizzard In Your Future? How To Protect Your Roof This Winter

Posted on: 13 November 2017
Winter is on its way. If you've already seen a few snow flurries, now's the time to get your roof ready for the full-blown snowstorms. Weather forecasts are calling for a snowy winter, which means you may be in store for a few blizzards. If that happens, you could be looking at unexpected roof damage, especially if you don't take steps to protect your roof. Here are some methods you can use to prevent damage to your roof during winter blizzards:
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Keeping Your Metal Roof In Good Condition

Posted on: 29 October 2017
Maintaining the structural integrity of your home's roofing system is a simple and effective way to ensure that water leaks don't compromise the quality of your home. Investing in a metal roof allows you access to a roofing system that is low-maintenance, but you still need to take action to ensure your metal roof remains in good condition. Here are three simple things that you can do to keep your metal roofing materials looking great and functioning properly in the future.
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Treat Rusted Aluminum Siding Prior To Adorning Your Home With Holiday Decorations

Posted on: 15 October 2017
If you are going to be decorating your home for the holidays with colorful sting lights and homemade wreaths, rusted aluminum siding that borders your home's front door may undermine the festive decorations that you plan to secure to the outside of your residence. Completing the project that follows will improve the siding so that it provides an attractive backdrop to the holiday decor. You Will Need: heavy duty waterproof cloths power sander sanding disk spray bottle water rust remover sponge metal cleaning compound cotton cloth or towel soft-bristled paintbrush weather resistant primer and paint decorations Sand And Clean The Aluminum Siding
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