4 Tips For A New Roof

Posted on: 11 July 2017
Any time you need to spend major money on something for your home, it can be stressful. High-ticket items, such as a kitchen remodel, provide not only a good return on your investment, but it's a fun and rewarding job — you get a new, pretty kitchen at the end! A new roof, while extremely important, also has a good return on your investment, though it might not seem as visible.
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2 Alternatives To Using Asphalt Shingles

Posted on: 29 June 2017
Replacing your home's roof? If so, you'll need to make a decision about what kind of roofing material you should use. You can stick with the traditional asphalt shingles that are currently on your home, or you can switch to a different material that can be a much better fit. Before you rush into a decision you should know about these two alternatives to traditional asphalt shingles. Metal A metal roof has the potential to last longer than you'll ever stay in your home, with it having a lifespan between 20-60 years.
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The Buck Doesn't Stop At Repair: 3 Home Improvements To Include In Your Roof Replacement Budget

Posted on: 24 June 2017
Are you ready for a roof replacement? Are the repairs needed because of damage caused by wind or storms? You may have a set budget for the repairs whether you have an insurance claim or you are paying for the roof replacement out of pocket. Anyway, you finance your roof repairs, it is a good idea to include other home improvements in the budget. Here are some of the additional jobs to include with a roof replacement:
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3 Indications That It's Time To Replace Your Roof

Posted on: 17 June 2017
Are you struggling with the question of whether or not to repair your roof or to have it completely replaced? Following are three strong indications that total replacement may be in order.  The Age of Your Roof  Roofs made from asphalt shingles generally don't last more than 20 years. Even though asphalt is fairly low maintenance, there's no real way to make it last longer or to revitalize it once it begins to show serious signs of wear and tear.
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