Three Ways to Save Money on Roof Replacement

Posted on: 14 May 2019

A roof is a big investment, especially if you find yourself having to replace one that already exists. However, while the costs of many parts of the process are set in stone, there are also several ways you can save a significant amount of money. Here are some ways to save money for your roof replacement.

Wait Until the Off-Season

Like many industries, roofing contractors have busy seasons and off-seasons. During months of peak demand, contractors will charge higher labor rates and premiums for their service, and you might find yourself waiting up to a month just to get started. During the off-season, however, less demand means lower prices, more immediate work, and less hurried work.

The best time to get a roof replaced is during winter and spring. Late summer and fall tend to be the busiest times of year for installations and replacements, so if you're able to wait, it's worth the money saved. In the meantime, do your research on local companies and contractors to compare prices and quality to get a head start once things start to slow down.

Install a Second Layer

Depending on what kind of roof you have already installed, you may be able to install a second layer of roofing material over the first rather than having it entirely replaced. This is generally done with materials like asphalt shingles and if there is only one layer already installed, so there are some limitations. It does also delay some costs, because when you need your roof repaired or replaced next, there are more layers of roofing to work through. It also makes it harder to spot damage underneath the new roof, and it adds additional weight to the structure.

However, in the short term, this can save you plenty of money by avoiding the entirety of the roof removal process. It also eliminates most disposal costs since there aren't many materials to dispose of. If you're in a bind or don't have a big budget, this is a good option to consider. Consult a contractor to see if this option is available to you; all sorts of factors from roofing material to your area's building codes can affect this, so don't automatically rule it out.

Do Some Work Yourself

Much of the cost of a replacement comes from labor costs. It's tedious work, and it can take many hours to even get the first layer of roofing off. However, if you're willing and able, you can save yourself some money by doing some of the work yourself. This could entail removing the first layer of roofing yourself, opting to dispose of the old roofing materials yourself, or otherwise doing any of the prep or cleanup work that you'd otherwise be paying a hefty amount hourly for. You might even consider hiring someone else for the simple labor or disposal if they can offer you a lower rate.

Some of this work should only be done if safety precautions are taken; even if some tasks don't seem difficult, they still involve potentially dangerous material or working in dangerous areas.

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