Maintenance Chores You Can Expect When You Get A Metal Roof

Posted on: 14 November 2018

If you're thinking about switching from asphalt roofing to metal roofing, then you may wonder how much maintenance the metal will need in coming years. Metal roofs are low-maintenance, so they don't need much care. They're also durable, which minimizes the need for repairs. Here's a look at some of the maintenance requirements your metal roof may need.

Keep Leaves and Branches Cleared

If trees are near your roof, be sure to trim the branches so they don't scrape the roof when the wind blows. You may even want to trim the tree so no branches hang over the roof. That way you can eliminate problems with leaves clogging the roof valleys and gutters. Leaves should be cleared out of the gutters at least once a year so the gutters don't clog up and force water under the roof. Clumps of leaves, twigs, and branches should be cleaned off the roof when they get stuck so they don't damage the painted coating.

Wash the Roof to Protect the Paint

A metal roof should be cleaned regularly to protect the paint and metal from damage. You'll need to do this more often if your roof gets a lot of tree debris, algae growth, or stains from pollution or birds. Cleaning a roof isn't hard work, but it's dangerous. You'll use soap and water, so the roof can be slippery. You may want to hire a professional to clean your roof when it gets dirty. The steps involve using a mild soap solution and a brush with soft bristles or a sponge to wash dirt and stains off of the roof. A garden hose is a good choice for supplying water because the soap needs to be rinsed off thoroughly. If a pressure washer is used, it should be on a low setting.

Abrasive pads and strong cleaners should not be used on a metal roof because they might damage the paint. Always follow the roof manufacturer's instructions concerning the cleaning products you can use. For instance, you may need to use bleach to get out algae stains and a solvent such as alcohol to remove tar.

Inspect the Roof Regularly

Examine your roof from the ground with binoculars if necessary so you can watch for problems with the roof that indicate the roof needs repairs. Check the roof a couple of times each year and after every big storm. If you suspect the roof might have damage, call a roofer to give it a closer inspection so repairs can be made while they're still easy to do.