4 Roofing Maintenance Tips To Help Prevent Damage Caused By Shade From Trees

Posted on: 22 October 2018

In areas with extreme heat during the summer months, having trees around your home can be beneficial to help keep things cool. These trees will also cause your home to require extra tree and roof maintenance to prevent damage. Here are some roof maintenance tips to help prevent trees from causing damage to your home.

1. Routine Pruning of Shade Trees to Protect Your Home and Tree Health

If you want to protect your home from damage that can be caused by trees, then it is important to do routine maintenance. This should include pruning trees to removed weak branches and allow sunlight to hit the roof. For shade trees, you want to thin the canopy just enough to help allow sunlight through to stop moss and lichen from growing on shingles.

2. Autumn Roof Cleaning and Removing Tree Debris That Can Cause Damage

The autumn months can be a time of year when your trees are causing problems with roofs. This is a time of the year when leaves fall off trees and cause roofs to become dirty. It is also a time of the year that is wetter, which can lead to problems with fungus growth. During the fall months, make sure that leaves and tree debris are clean of your roof to ensure that it is not damaged.

3. Preventing the Growth of Fungus That Accelerates Roof Wear and Causes Damage

Fungus can be a problem with many different types of roofing materials; especially with asphalt shingles and wood shakes. To prevent problems with fungus like mold and lichen from causing roof damage, make sure that you routinely clean the roof. There are other materials like zinc strips that can be added to your roof to help reduce problems with fungus growth and wear of materials.

4. Repairing Damage from Trees and Fungus on Your Roof Before It Gets Worse

The trees of your home may also be the cause of damage during storms. To ensure that minor problems do not lead to costly repairs, make sure to repair damage to the roof in a timely manner. If you have a problem with the fungus growing, clean the roof and do any repairs that are needed to ensure your roof lasts.

These are roofing maintenance tips that will help you prevent damage that can be caused by the trees that provide shade to your roof. If you need help with maintenance, contact a roofing service like Elite Roofing KC to ensure valuable shade trees do not cause problems with roofing materials.