3 Additional Concerns That Go Along With Commercial Roofing

Posted on: 3 October 2018

Residential and commercial roofing have their similarities, which means that some of the concerns are the same. However, there are added concerns that you have to worry about with commercial roofing, too. These are some of the additional concerns of commercial roofing that you might not have to worry about with a residential roof.

1. The Concerns of a Flat Roof

First, since many commercial roofs are flat roofs, there are additional concerns that you have to think about. Many residential roofs have more of a pitch, meaning that you don't have to worry about flat roof problems. With a flat commercial roof, though, making sure that the roof itself is in good shape is even more important, since flat roofs can be more prone to leaks. You also have to think about things like having the roof cleaned off regularly, since debris, ice dams, and more can all be more prone to getting stuck on top of the roof.

2. The Weight of Equipment on Top of a Flat Roof

Next, many commercial roofs have more weight on top of them than residential roofs do. For example, it's more common to have the heating and air conditioning system on top of a commercial building than it is to have it on top of a home. Commercial buildings may also have ventilation systems and other equipment on top of the roof. Because these components can add extra weight to the top of the building, which puts the roof at more of a risk of damage, paying attention to your roof is important. Also, you have to think about the equipment that could be damaged if your roof collapses, which adds even more to the cost of this type of upsetting scenario.

3. The Added Cost of a Larger Roof

Of course, there are exceptions. In general, though, commercial buildings are larger than houses. This means that their roofs are bigger, too. Therefore, when it's time to make improvements and repairs to your commercial roof, the costs are probably going to be a bit higher than the cost of making repairs to a residential roof. After all, more materials have to be purchased, and there is more labor involved. This means that it's extra important to budget for any roofing projects that need to be done, and it's also important to make sure that you're hiring a roofing crew that can do the job well without charging too much money.

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