5 Steps For Taking Care Of Your Metal Roof

Posted on: 28 August 2018

If you have a new metal roofing on your home, you need to make sure that you take care of it. Taking care of your metal roof starts by keeping your metal roof clean and fixing any damage that you detect right away.

#1 Keep Your Gutters & Drains Clean

One of the important steps for keeping your roof in good shape starts by keeping your gutters clean. You need to make sure that you regularly remove any debris that has built up in your gutters. You don't want debris to clog up your gutters; when that happens, water goes where it shouldn't go.

Make sure that you also clean out the downspouts. If your gutters are clogged up with debris, it is easy for your downspouts to get clogged up as well. Clogged gutters can damage your roof, so make sure that you keep them clean.

#2 Clean Valleys & Dead Spots

Next, you want to remove any leaves and debris that are sitting in the valleys and dead spots on your roof. The valleys are where your roof slopes together and makes a V, and dead spots are anywhere where water does not flow smoothly and where things tends to get stuck. Even on a metal roof, you don't want debris to accumulate.

#3 Get Rid of Sticks & Branches

After that, pick up any sticks and branches that are on your roof. Sticks and branches can scratch the coating on your roof, so make sure that you pick up and remove anything that could scratch and damage the protective metal coating on your roof. Don't sweep up these items, as that could further damage your roof. Pick them up to prevent further damage.

#4 Keep Metal Off Your Roof

Make sure that you keep other metal things off your roof. When other metal items touch your roof, they could cause staining and degradation of your roof. You don't want copper, iron, concrete, bricks, or even treated lumber to come into contact with your metal roof. Depending on the type of metal roof you have, these substances could cause galvanic corrosion.

#5 Touch Up on Scuffs & Flaking

Finally, if you find any scratches, scuffs, and flakes on your roof, you are going to want to deal with them right away. If you find any damage to your roof, you are going to want to use a touchup pen that is the same color as your roof to repair it right away. You don't want the coating on your roof to get removed.

Taking good care of your metal roof will help ensure that it has a nice and long life.