Five Ways To Prepare For Your Roof Replacement

Posted on: 3 May 2018

So, you finally have your roof replacement scheduled, and you can't wait for the roofers to arrive and start assembling a new roof. In all of the excitement, it's important that you don't forget to prepare. Having your roof replaced is a big undertaking, and there are five basic ways you need to get ready.

1. Determine what landscaping needs to be protected.

Your roofing company should do all they can to protect your landscaping, but keep in mind that they will have to put ladders up somewhere. There will also be some debris that rains down. Take a look around your house, and decide what landscaping absolutely cannot be ruined, and what you are more flexible on. You can then point the roofers in the right direction when they are determining where to place the ladders.

2. Get your money in the right place.

Unless your moving company is offering you financing, you will need to write them a check when the job is done. Moving money between accounts can take a few days, so make sure you do any bank transfers well in advance and ensure there's enough money in a single checking account to pay for the roof replacement.

3. Take important things out of the attic.

During most roof replacements, some shingle debris ends up in the attic. Even when your roofers are careful, this mess is a byproduct of the work. If there is anything important in your attic, you may want to remove it and store it elsewhere until the roof has been replaced. You can clean the attic after the roof is replaced and then put the items back inside.

4. Talk to the neighbors.

Roof replacement can be noisy. Your roofers may also need to put ladders in the neighbors' yards to reach your roof. So, make sure you tell your neighbors about the roofers before they arrive and start working. If the neighbors are not home when you knock on the door, just put a note in their door telling them the day your roof replacement will begin.

5. Assemble your questions.

When the roofers arrive, they will often ask if you have any questions before they get started. You may feel you mind go blank as you are put on the spot. So, sit down right now and make a list of questions you have for the roofers. This way, you'll get all of your questions answered.

Follow the tips above, and your roofing replacement will go more smoothly.