Why Composite Woods

Posted on: 19 April 2018

Are you trying to find a great local roofing company to re-roof your home? If so, you will not regret hiring local licensed professionals to handle your project. Many people will attempt to install their own roof to save money, but they end up being frustrated by how time consuming and physical labor is. Working on top of a roof, especially on that has a steep pitch is hard. If you are going to invest a new roof material (regardless of who is installing it), you should consider a stylish and durable modern material like composite wood.

Composite Woods Have Improved

There are all sorts of composite wood roofing products that have been a long around for a long time. However, recent advancements in composite technologies have enabled wood shingles to be stronger and more stylish. A modern composite wood product looks more realistic, and has better insulation ratings. In the past, there was a clear style difference between real wood shingles and composite wood shingles. That is, composite wood tended to look manufactured and cheap. You could certainly tell the difference between the two products. But, modern composites have much more realistic textures and precise prints. Some product are even created using 3-D printing, which means that the textures line up perfectly with the print.

Composite Styles

Composite wood roofing products actually come in many different shapes and styles. While shingles are probably the most popular because of their affordability and aesthetics, many homeowners want the simple look of horizontal panels. Ultimately, any style or color that you can find in a normal wood siding product, you will also be able to find in a composite product. Just like with any roofing product, the trends are always changing when it comes to wooden roofing products. For instance, most people love the look of a stained wood grain, but there are also going to be some great products that have solid color paint finishes.

In the end, if you want a wood style roof, you should definitely look into composite wood products. There are more options available than ever. Pretty much every homeowner enjoys owning such a durable, east to take care of, and no-nonsense material. A wood composite roof will last for many decades, and you won't even need to invest in any repairs or maintenance over that period of time. A local roofing pro can expertly install your new composite product.