Ceramic Tiles Are Perfect For Commerical Buildings

Posted on: 18 March 2018

Where comes to commercial roofing, most building owners tend to favor synthetic, low maintenance materials. That is, they want something is going to last forever without needing to be constantly repaired and taken care of. If this is exactly what you're looking for in a roofing product, you should consider ceramic tiles. This article explains exactly what ceramic tiles are, and why the material is so ideal for commercial roofing.

What are Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic tiles are a synthetic product. No two brands have the exact same formula, but they usually consist of a stone composite that is mixed with a variety of recyclable materials and epoxy. A ceramic material is more or less made up of stone, plastic, and glue. Basically, it looks and feels kind of like a stone tile, except it is much lighter.

This is extremely beneficial when it comes to roofing. The weight of the roofing tiles needs to be supported by the roof deck. So, if you have a natural stone tile, the weight can be too much for an old roof unless it is reinforced. This means that most roof decks don't need to be reinforced before ceramic tiles are installed on them.

Ceramic Styles

Ceramic tiles also have manufactured finishes. That is, what you see on the outside is usually a mold with a print. The mold creates a texture that lines up with the print. This means that you can often see and feel the natural marbling of a stone finish. This makes it look much more authentic and like the real material.

Ceramic tiles are actually made in a very wide variety of styles. Not only are there plethora of natural stone replications, you can also find tiles with a variety of different shapes. In fact, there are even ceramic tiles that are made to look like wood shingles. Basically, regardless of the style you are trying to achieve, you will probably be able to find a ceramic tile product that satisfies your needs.

In the end, most commercial building owners are going to end up choosing ceramic tiles because of their unbeaten practicality and durability. They are usually much cheaper and easier to maintain than their natural counterparts. Some people think that the natural products look better and more authentic, but you have to remember that they're also going to be a little more demanding to take care of.