Six Things You Might Want To Do Before You Have Your New Roof Installed

Posted on: 6 March 2018

A new roof installation is a big project that will go more smoothly if you take the time to prepare before the roofing crews arrive. You can perform some tasks before your new roof is installed to increase safety and to speed up the installation process.

The following are six things you might want to do before you have your new roof installed:

Take down any satellite dish or other equipment on your roof

If you get cable through a satellite on your roof, this satellite will need to be removed before the roof installation can begin.

You can reduce labor costs and save time by taking down your satellite dish yourself or by calling your satellite/cable provider to take it down for you before the roofer gets to your home to begin work. 

Find power outlets that your roofers can use

Roofers are going to need power outlets for equipment pieces like air compressors and power tools. You should find the closest outlets to your roof so that roofers don't have to take time looking for places to plug in their equipment. 

Move your vehicles some distance away from your home

When original roofing is being removed, debris can fall down onto the ground around the perimeter of your roof. If your vehicles are parked in your driveway or anywhere along this area, they could potentially be damaged by debris. 

Relocate your vehicles and park them some distance away from your home to prevent issues. 

Take down wall hangings

Wall hangings may fall down because of the vibrations of power equipment on your roof during roof installation. You may want to remove wall hangings temporarily to prevent them from becoming damaged during the installation. 

Cut back trees that come close to your roof's surface

If you have tree branches that hang near your roof's surface, you may want to trim them back so that they are out of the way when your roofer arrives.

Branches could not only slow down the progress of your roof installation, but also create a safety hazard for the roofing crew. It's always important to keep tree branches cleared away to make installation safer and also to protect your roof from damage from falling tree branches after it is installed. 

Let your neighbors know

Your neighbors will appreciate it if you let them know beforehand that you'll be having a new roof installed on a particular day.

A roof installation can be noisy, but neighbors will be able to plan any outdoor events in their yards around your roof installation if you let them know in advance. 

For more tips on preparing for your new roof installation, contact local roofing companies.