How To Care For A Flat Roof

Posted on: 30 November 2017

Does your new home have a flat roof? If so, you may not know kind of maintenance has to be done to it when compared to a traditional pitched roof. By knowing a few simple tips, you'll help prevent problems from forming that can lead to an unnecessary repair:

Perform a Fall Cleaning

It is important to have your roof cleaned when fall is starting to wind down. It is likely that organic debris like leaves have collected on the roof, which will cause problems by not allowing water to evaporate underneath it. The moisture can potentially lead to damaging your flat roof if ignored for too long.

Also, trapped moisture can attract all sorts of pests to your roof, such as birds, squirrels, and insects. Those pests eventually cause quite a bit of damage to a roof from digging and chewing, and bird droppings have enough acidity to cause a rubber overlay material to become weak.

Look Out for Splitting

While you are cleaning your roof, it is also a good idea to perform a basic inspection to look for potential damage that may have formed. You'll want to keep an eye out for cracking or splitting that has occurred to the roof's rubber overlay material. While a small crack may look insignificant, it can be responsible for letting in moisture underneath the roof's rubber overlay material. Once water gets underneath the rubber, it will become trapped against the roof deck. This can lead to mold or rot forming in a place where you won't immediately notice it.

That is why it's so important to repair small cracks and splits as soon as possible. It is easy to repair small cracks using an adhesive designed specifically to work with rubber roof overlays. For large splits, you may need to place a large rubber patch over the section to ensure that no water can get in.

Add a Reflective Roof Coat

A great way to make your home more energy efficient is by having a reflecting coating placed on the roof. It will help reflect the heat from the sun, which will make your home cooler in the winter. Worried about the aesthetics of your roof with a reflective coat on it? The coating often comes in silver or white to help reflect the sun's harmful rays, which will look great on the surface.

If you neglected your flat roof and now need professional repair, contact local roof repair services in your area.