Treat Rusted Aluminum Siding Prior To Adorning Your Home With Holiday Decorations

Posted on: 15 October 2017

If you are going to be decorating your home for the holidays with colorful sting lights and homemade wreaths, rusted aluminum siding that borders your home's front door may undermine the festive decorations that you plan to secure to the outside of your residence. Completing the project that follows will improve the siding so that it provides an attractive backdrop to the holiday decor.

You Will Need:

  • heavy duty waterproof cloths
  • power sander
  • sanding disk
  • spray bottle
  • water
  • rust remover
  • sponge
  • metal cleaning compound
  • cotton cloth or towel
  • soft-bristled paintbrush
  • weather resistant primer and paint
  • decorations

Sand And Clean The Aluminum Siding

If a front porch or stoop surrounds the affected siding, remove furnishings or any other loose items that could potentially get in your way as you are treating rusted surfaces. Use heavy duty waterproof cloths to cover flooring that is in front of the door. Attach a sanding disk to a power sander. Dampen the disk's surface with water. The moist surface will help the sandpaper move smoothly across the aluminum surface.

After powering up the sander, align the sanding disk so that it rests against rusted aluminum. Hold onto the back of the tool to move the sanding disk back and forth across the damaged siding. Periodically check to see how much rust remains on the siding. After successfully eliminating the majority of the rust, wipe the aluminum with a utility sponge that has been dampened with a rust remover. The rust remover will remove faint traces of rust. 

Wipe Surfaces With A Compound And Touch Up Primer And Paint

Pour a few drops of a metal cleaning compound onto a dry sponge. Move the sponge across the siding that borders the door. Use a cotton cloth or towel to dry the siding. If the siding was previously painted and some of the paint or primer has been sanded from the aluminum surface, move a soft-bristled paintbrush that is coated with weather resistant primer across siding that is in need of primer. Add a couple coats of paint to the siding after the primer has cured.

Now that the siding has been restored, you are all set to hang up decorations. If you are going to be adorning homemade wreaths with bells, flowers, or similar decorations, choose adornments that are a color that will complement the color of your home's exterior. Colorful string lights or lights that are a solid color can be used to outline your home's door or windows or can be hung across the front of your home to provide the residence with a distinct border.