When Walls Cry "Blood" And The Foundation Trembles: Why It Isn't A Supernatural Thing

Posted on: 25 September 2017

Edgar Allen Poe wrote The Fall of the House of Usher. It is a story about the descent into madness, but what really grabs you is the end scene, where the walls begin to bleed and the foundation trembles. As terrifying as this sounds, it may very well not have been a supernatural thing. In fact, really old homes often experience "bleeding" walls and trembling foundations. Here is why these seemingly supernatural events are not supernatural at all:

The "Blood" Is Not Blood

There have been several documented instances where a roof is failing and the accumulated rust along with a particular fungus creates a blood-colored substance. Since some rust is involved, it even tends to smell iron-like, similar to blood. The fungus gives the substance a slightly rotten smell, making you believe that this is real, and really supernatural, blood.

The walls themselves do not ooze this substance unless there are several holes in the wall. Instead, it is a result of the roof separating from the tops of the walls just enough to create openings. When it rains, the rust and fungus mix, and come seeping down the walls in an eerie fashion. If you got a roofer up there to clean up the roof and fix it, you would not see "bleeding" walls anymore.

The Trembling Foundation Falters under Poorly Maintained Homes

Foundations tremble for three reasons. One, there is an earthquake in the area. Two, the foundation is sinking and is forcing irreparable damage to the rest of the foundation and home. Three, the foundation has weakened so much over the decades that it cannot support the weight of the home. In Poe's story, the last two reasons are the most likely in the scenario of the trembling house. However, no one but a foundation or general construction contractor would know that. 

You can fix a trembling foundation. It is a complicated process, but one that is worth it if you want to save your home rather than tear it down. Going forward, general maintenance of this old house is necessary to avoid major issues.

Other Roofing Issues That Are Not Supernatural

Walking around your home or standing in place for a bit is typical. Getting smacked in the head with sliding and falling roofing materials is not. Yet, this is still not a supernatural occurrence. It just means that you need a roofer to do some repairs and investigate the roof for a possible replacement. Do not freak out; call a roofer.

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