Four Things To Consider Before Completely Renovating Your Roof

Posted on: 18 September 2017

If you want to replace your entire roof with something totally new, then you have to make sure that certain criteria are met. Your home was originally designed and built for a specific type and style of roof. Putting up something entirely new takes a lot of planning and work to make sure your new roof not only looks good, but is also safe. Here are four things you should examine before picking out entirely new material for your roof.

The Weight of the Material

If you are changing from a lighter material, such as wood shingles or metal, to something heavier like asphalt shingles or tile, then you will have to do major renovations to support the new material. You will need to add new supports that will hold up to the extra weight. In some cases, this may not even be possible without a major overhaul. Changing to lighter material can often be done without a lot of extra work, but the roof may not hold up to your region's weather conditions.

The Slope and Slant (Pitch) of Your Roof

Of course you already know that if you have a flat roof you will have totally different material needs than if you have a slanted roof. Some materials, such as shake shingles, leak if placed on a roof that is too flat. Asphalt is good for those roofs with a medium pitch, but not on high-pitched roofs. Tar paper is usually required under roofs with minimal slope to prevents leaks and algae growth.

The Look of Your Materials

Think carefully about how your new roof will look when combined with the rest of your home's exterior or those in the neighborhood. You don't want a total aesthetic mismatch. For example, an asphalt or composite-shingled roof may look strange with a stucco exterior designed for pairing with bright orange or rust tiles. If you are planning on placing a roof that is substantially different than your original roof, then you should also consider renovating the rest of your home.

The Overall Cost of Your Materials

You don't want to skimp on roofing as it will eventually end up costing you in the long run. However, you must consider the entire cost of all your materials if you are making big changes. Not only consider the material, but also consider the cost of labor and time to get the job done. It might be better to replace your roof with something similar to your old roof if cost and time is a factor.

Making big changes to your roof is something that needs careful planning. Before getting your heart and mind set on having your roof made a certain way, be sure to talk it out with a professional roofer. They can do an inspection and determine what can be done to your roof and home with considerations to your time and budget constraints. For more information, contact a business such as Deep South Roofing LLC.