Why You Should Never "Leaf" Tree Debris On Your Roof

Posted on: 9 September 2017

Leaves are a constant hassle to homeowners every fall. You have to clean them out of your gutters and hope they fall off the rest of your roof. You should know that you cannot leave leaves on your roof. Here are some good reasons why.

Organic Debris Begets Rot

Leaves and seed pods from trees create small piles of organic matter. This organic matter immediately begins to break down on your roof. It rots. Bacteria and mold from the rotted matter, as well as the wetness created from decaying debris, looks for a place to settle down and grow. On your roof that could mean any little hole or crevice. That also means a way into your home via the roof. Now that organic matter from rotting leaves has begat damage to your roof and even to your ceilings.

Seed Pods Are Even Worse

It only takes one seed pod and some rotting organic matter for soil before you have a seedling sprouting from your roof. As it continues to grow, this tiny tree puts down roots that push through the roof and into your attic. If not addressed when it is still small, it creates extensive damage by the time it is two to three feet tall. You cannot see this process starting while standing on the ground, but you should be able to spot it when you are cleaning the gutters. Have it removed right away by a roof repair contractor.

It Is Unsightly, Except to Pests

Besides creating a lot of roof damage, leaf and seed pod debris is not attractive. It starts out by looking like you have mud stuck to your roof. It may grow moss and fungus too. Eventually, your roof looks like it belongs to a dilapidated and abandoned manse, rather than on your Cape Cod or ranch home. If that were not enough, this mess attracts pests, who find the mess quite a nice, habitable place for a home, or at least, nice enough for food sources and a warm hole to crawl into when it gets cold.

Roof Cleaning Helps

If you hire a service to clean your gutters, ask them to clean and clear your roof too. This helps eliminate any problems that leaf and seed pod debris might cause before it can start. If they notice anything sprouting from your shingles, then you can get a roofing contractor out to address it before winter hits.  Contact a service, like The Roof Doctor, for more help.