Did Hail Just Rain Down On Your Roof? Why You Need To Inspect It For Damage

Posted on: 26 July 2017

A hail storm isn't a pleasant event, especially because of the damage it can cause to your home's roof. It's possible that hail can cause extensive damage that will need to be repaired, and in some situations, cause the need for premature roof replacement. The hail may have been small but that does not mean the damage is as well. Consider getting a professional roof inspection after it hails for the following reasons.

Protect Your Roof

Hail does not need to be large to inflict damage on roofing material. Hail can be dangerous, even if it is the size of a small pea, if it has enough force to create a divot in your roof. Shingle, metal, and wood roofs are capable of providing protection from various weather conditions, but all of them can remain undamaged after a speeding ice ball lands on the surface.

Damage will be apparent if you have large hail, since you'll immediately see dented and broken roofing material in places around your home. However, small hail is capable of ruining the roofing material's integrity, which may allow water to get under the roofing material in places that it normally should not be able to.

Protect the Inside of Your Home

Damaged roofing material will eventually create a leak. You may notice the leak due to the obvious water that enters your home, but most of the time the leak will go unnoticed.

Locating the leak right after a hail storm can prevent damage inside your home from occurring, but ignored leaks will create ongoing damage that will get out of control. Expect mold to develop, support beams to decay, and items in your attic to be destroyed by water damage.

Put Your Mind at Ease

Not knowing if there is damage can cause you to feel stressed. You may be worried about a potential leak that could happen down the road, simply because you don't know what the extent of the damage was. Consider getting an inspection purely to ease your mind from worrying about roof damage in the upcoming years. Fixing damage early on will always be cheaper to do than when the damage is obvious.

These are just a few reasons to get a professional roof inspection after a hail storm. Reach out to a local roofing repairs contractor that can let you know if the damage caused by the hail needs to be repaired immediately.