The Buck Doesn't Stop At Repair: 3 Home Improvements To Include In Your Roof Replacement Budget

Posted on: 24 June 2017

Are you ready for a roof replacement? Are the repairs needed because of damage caused by wind or storms? You may have a set budget for the repairs whether you have an insurance claim or you are paying for the roof replacement out of pocket. Anyway, you finance your roof repairs, it is a good idea to include other home improvements in the budget. Here are some of the additional jobs to include with a roof replacement:

1. Attic Insulation That Protects Homes from Ice Dams and Cuts Energy Losses

Having good insulation in your attic has many benefits. First, adding insulation with a roof replacement will help cut energy loss. In addition to energy savings, insulation also helps protect your roof from problems that damage shingles during the winter months. As heat rises from the living space below, any snow or ice on your roof melts, and then, refreezes. The ice creates dams that build up in cold weather and damage shingles. Adding more insulation to the attic will help prevent ice dam problems during the winter months.

2. Practical Gutter and Siding Improvements and Installation to Protect the Roof and Foundation

Gutters are often thought of to protect the roof of homes or to keep the water off people's shoulders. Adding gutters to your home when you have shingles replaced will actually help protect the foundation by diverting water away and reducing static water pressure that builds up as runoff filters through the soil. Siding may also need maintenance and repairs, and can be damaged during the tear-off of old shingles. Consider new siding installation or improvements to include in your roof replacement budget.

3. Changes to Roof Structure to Reduce Isolated Excessive Wear of Shingles and Building Materials

Roof structures also cause problems with shingle wear if there are areas where more runoff flows than other places. Changes to your roof can be a practical solution to problem areas that constantly seem to develop leaks, such as around walls on the roof or where two different slopes meet. A roofing contractor will be able to build new roof slopes in problem areas to solve the problem of isolated wear and leaks.

Replacing a roof does not always mean the roof alone needs to be replaced. Improvements like attic insulation gutters or changes to the roof structure often help prevent problems to give you more life out of asphalt shingles. When it is time for a replacement, contact a roofing contractor like CNY Roofing Co and talk with them about additional services they can provide to include in your budget.