The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling: 10 Ways To Get Ready For Noisy, Messy Roof Installation

Posted on: 12 June 2017

Having a new roof installed may mean your house is going to look like a million bucks, but during installation, it will literally feel like the sky is falling. Take the following steps to make sure you, your family, and your valuable property are all ready for this major event to take place:

1. Don't Plan On Parking In Your Driveway

Your roofers will likely need firm ground to park a dumpster on, meaning you may have to sacrifice part or all of your driveway until they finish the roof. Also, you can expect the workers to possibly show up in more than one vehicle. Keeping your driveway empty will make everything go smoother.

2. Cover Your Hedges, Flowers, And Other Greenery

Ask if your roof crew will be bringing their own tarps and canvas to cover hedges, trees, and other vegetation around your home. There will be all kinds of debris falling from the roof, and your greenery may not be able to sustain the impact. Expect tiles and other items to be falling down around the circumference of your home and in all directions. If you have a pool, you'll probably want to cover it, even if it's not in close proximity to the house.

3. Clear The Yard Of Toys, Chairs, And Decorations

Because you don't want any of your items damaged, nor do you want to present tripping hazards for the roofers, it's a good idea to clear your yard of everything movable.

4. If You Have A Patio Or Deck, Clear That Off, Too

If you have a garage, that would be a smart place to store your grill, patio furniture, and other items while the crew puts your new roof in place. If you don't have a garage, move the items at least a few yards away from the house and cover them.

5. Temporarily Take Down Your Antenna And Satellite Dish

Check with the roofers first, but it's more than likely that your antenna and satellite dish will have to come down, temporarily. Consult your internet and/or cable provider, too, so that disconnection won't interrupt your service. Store the antenna and dish away in your garage or at a safe distance from the work area.

6. Mow The Lawn For Easier Cleanup

Whether the roofing crew cleans up after themselves as they work or once they're finished, doing so will be much easier and more efficient if your lawn isn't overgrown. Also, since you don't want to be mowing over tiles or a stray hammer, trimming it beforehand should avoid later mishaps.

7. Take Down Bird-Feeders

If you're like many other people, you have a few bird feeders scattered over your property, but those, too, should be taken down during construction. Not only do you want to prevent anyone from accidentally breaking one, you want to ensure that no debris finds its way into the feeders. Bird baths should also be covered or moved for the time being.

8. Protect Your Indoor Furnishings

You're not safe from scattering dust and other possible debris indoors, either. During construction, you'll want to cover or move everything in your attic and most anything valuable everywhere else, too. Ask the roofers if they expect a house-wide dust-up and proceed according to their recommendations. It's also important that you take down any chandeliers, valuable paintings, and other hanging items that could be jarred loose and drop when the hammers start pounding away.

9. Prepare Your Children, Pets, And Neighbors

Plan ahead, so that you have something constructive to do with small children who won't be able to run around in the yard while the roof is going up. You don't want pets poking around the debris or nipping at the roofing crew, either, so they should be secured some place safe. It's considered polite if you inform nearby neighbors of the impending construction, so they can make necessary preparations along with you.

Don't forget that birds and fish can be frightened to the point of being harmed.

10. Get Ready For Some Noise!

Even if you live by yourself or with just a spouse, you may not want to stick around for the noise. If it's safe to do so, you might consider a personal listening device for the duration of the roofer's workday, but definitely invest in some earplugs if you're going to be home, either way. Especially if you're prone to headaches, the pounding may bother you or someone else to the point of pain, so the few days it takes for installation to be complete could be better spent running errands or visiting with friends.

A new roof is a big deal, especially if you've been watching the old one fall apart for a number of years. Don't be caught off guard during installation when the sky starts falling all around you. Prepare your property and all occupants and make way for the roofers who will be transforming your house into something really awesome.