Are Leaves A Danger To Your Roof? Yes, And Here's How To Deal With Them

Posted on: 26 April 2017

If you live around any trees, there's a good chance you have leaves, pine needles, or leaf matter accumulating on your roof. You may not think that's much of an issue, but it definitely is. Leaves can shorten the life of your roof in a number of ways.

How Leaves Can Negatively Impact Your Roof

Leaves can do a lot of damage to a roof over time. As leaves sit on your roof, they will collect moisture. Wet leaves will attract insects, and can form the sticking point for a buildup of all types of debris. Also, as wet leaves rot, fungus and weeds can start to grow on your roof.

That moisture content is actually the most dangerous aspect of leaves. Wet leaves can cause moisture to invade your roof and its surrounding structure. If you leave them too long, molding and rotting can start to take place.

Over time, this process can completely ruin your roof. That moisture and rot can also start to work on other parts of your home's structure.

How to Clean Leaves Off Your Roof

There's a few ways to get the leaves off your roof. No matter which method you choose, show some care. You're removing stuff from your roof, and you may have debris other than leaves up there as well. You may want to consider wearing goggles and a hard hat.

Telescoping pole – Placing a brush on a telescoping pole can help you reach the leaves on your roof. Brush gently, don't scrub vigorously at the roof.

A hose – A hose will work well for thicker leaf and leaf matter piles. It's important that you use a hose and not a pressure washer. Too much force can cause you to lose shingles, or push too much water under the shingles.

Leaf blower with extension – If your roof is low enough, you can use a leaf blower with an extension piece on it to reach the roof leaves.

Roof rake – A roof rake is a rake with a telescoping pole. They come in various sizes. You can use them from the ground to reach your roof and catch at leaves and debris.

If you have a roof with hidden areas, or none of your tools can reach too far onto it, then have a professional clean your roof for you.

While leaf damage can certainly occur, many more issues can plague a roof. A professional cleaning from a roofing specialist will deal with everything that doesn't belong on your roof, including leaves. For more information, check out