Three Financial Benefits You Can Gain From A Cool Roof

Posted on: 8 March 2016

If you're considering building a new commercial building with an eco-friendly roof or, perhaps, replacing your current roofing with some cooler material when its working life is over, you'll want to know all the pros and cons of the decision before coming down for or against the idea. Fortunately, a cool roof can actually help your business in a number of ways, some of them direct and others indirect. Many of the benefits of a cool roof will come from increased commercial gain and savings on expenses. Here are three of the main ways that cooler commercial roofing can give you a financial advantage. 

1. Energy savings

When the sun shines down on your buildings, its light rays and thermal (heat) rays can either soak in or bounce off back into the atmosphere. A conventional black roof tends to absorb a large percentage of the light (you may remember from school that black absorbs every color of light), and stores all the energy as heat throughout the day. This can cause the roof to become extremely hot, so naturally heat transfer to other parts of the building takes place. And because of its orientation towards the sun, your roof has a better chance of picking up light and heat than the more vertical walls. So if you can stop or slow the heat gain of the roof, it can go a long way toward preventing the sun from heating the inside of the building. Cool roofing does this, and it can save a significant amount of air conditioning energy and thus a lot of money on the cooling bills over time.

2. Lower replacement costs

It's not that cooler roofing costs less to install; in fact, it often costs considerably more. But, when compared to traditional roofing materials, cool roofing is often much more durable and long-term, meaning it will need less frequent replacement. It's an investment that won't pay for itself fully until the next time you would have had to replace the roof if it were made of a conventional material. But since (depending on the type of roof you used to have and the type you switch to) you may be able to skip several roof replacements over the lifetime of your new roof. And this is not just because the materials are higher quality; a lighter-colored roof that absorbs less heat is also less susceptible to thermal shock, a type of damage that occurs when roofing material has to undergo extreme temperature changes quickly (for example, if you live in an area that has cool nights, such as the West Coast, but the sun still hits your roof during the day).

3. Better business reputation and more sales

If your customers know that you're cutting down on harmful business practices and doing your part to help the environment, they'll see you as more environmentally responsible and thus more socially responsible. Fortunately, customers are more likely to buy from a business that they consider socially responsible. As part of a larger campaign to green your company (which may include other cost-saving measures such as switching to a green energy provider), greening your roof can help improve your public image and can broaden your target audience to include environmentally conscious consumers.

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